For These Reasons, Survivorship Bias In Career Advice Becomes Self-perpetuating.



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Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, leaves the Capitol on Saturday after the Senate voted by unanimous consent to pass his motion to extend funding for transportation programs. Biden’s agenda. The nearly 100-member Congressional Progressive Caucus blocked a vote on the $1 trillion infrastructure bill in the House, seeking leverage to secure passage of a larger $3.5 trillion domestic policy bill that Mr. Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York and the majority leader, had assured the caucus would advance as part of a “two-track” process with the infrastructure bill. The progressives’ stance forced Ms. Pelosi to delay a planned vote on the infrastructure bill and ultimately prompted Mr. Biden to side with them in saying that there could be no vote on that bill until agreement on the far broader social policy and climate measure had been reached. In a letter to lawmakers on Saturday, Ms. Pelosi urged passage of the infrastructure bill by the end of the month, and signaled that Democratic leaders were continuing to negotiate the broader social policy and climate bill with Senators Joe Manchin III of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, two Democratic holdouts who are key swing votes needed to pass legislation in the Senate. “Again, we will and must pass both bills soon,” Ms. [Insurance]

Assuming that all aspiring scientists and academics enjoy similar circumstances to those of their colleagues who have ‘survived’ can only damage the prospects of the next generation, and will lead to professions with much less diverse staff than could have been the case. Careers toolkit: An early career researcher’s guide to the working world of science, from Nature Careers. Over the years, numerous senior researchers have listen to this podcast assumed that we would be able to go without pay for an extended period during our research, even while living in one of the world’s most expensive cities. Sometimes we’ve had to argue our case and explain why we couldn’t afford to do so; sometimes we’ve simply had to find other jobs. Anyone who is able to work without pay is not only financially secure but is also unlikely to have other demands such as caring responsibilities — and those who think unpaid work is straightforward are likely to share these circumstances. For these reasons, survivorship bias in career advice becomes self-perpetuating. Those who survived and thrived because of privilege assume that those hoping to follow in their footsteps are in similar financial and social situations; conversely, those who lack that privilege are less likely to make it to a position from which they can give less biased advice. As the coronavirus pandemic has blurred the boundaries between ‘work’ and ‘life’, the issue of balance has become even more prominent . The closest many senior researchers come to fostering work–life balance is in offering the common advice to ‘take a break’: perhaps between contracts, over holiday periods, or even by simply not working on weekends. Survivorship bias plays out here as well, because this advice assumes that recipients can afford to take time off despite the pressure to publish or to keep one’s head above water financially. D.R.

Trudeau said his government would send ventilators to Alberta. Liberal campaign organizers, citing unhappiness with Kenney, said their party could pick up three of Alberta's 34 federal seats after being shut out in the traditionally right-leaning province. With Saskatchewan hospitals nearing capacity, Premier Scott Moe imposed a mask requirement for indoor public spaces starting on Friday. By Oct. 1, provincial government employees must be vaccinated or submit to regular testing, and people must be inoculated or test negative to dine in restaurants. How to handle COVID-19 has become a challenge for O'Toole.