Reuters/loren Elliott Sydney, Sept 16 (reuters) - Australia's Victoria State Reported Its Biggest One-day Rise In Covid-19 Cases Of The Year On Thursday As A Surge In Vaccinations Nationwide Raised Hope For Easing Restrictions With Almost 70% Of The Adult Population Having Had A First Dose.

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REUTERS/Loren Elliott SYDNEY, Sept 16 (Reuters) - Australia's Victoria state reported its biggest one-day rise in COVID-19 cases of the year on Thursday as a surge in vaccinations nationwide raised hope for easing restrictions with almost 70% of the adult population having had a first dose. Victoria, home to the city of Melbourne, detected 514 new infections, exceeding the year's previous daily high of 473 on Monday. Sydney and Melbourne, Australia's largest cities, have ramped up their immunisation drives as the country struggles to contain check here a third wave of infections fuelled by the highly infectious Delta variant, putting nearly half of the 25 million population under strict stay-at-home orders. Still, Australia's coronavirus infection rates are far lower than those in many other countries, with some 80,000 cases and 1,128 deaths, and authorities are promising to relax many tough curbs, perhaps next month, after more people get both of their vaccine shots. "That 70% double dose and 80% double dose mark is within plain sight. Keep going Australia," Prime Minister Scott Morrison said during a media briefing in Canberra. Under a reopening plan unveiled in July, the federal government will urge states and territories to start living with the virus once those high targets are reached. To now, 44% of people over the age of 16 are fully vaccinated while 69% have had at least one dose. Officials in New South Wales, at the heart of the country's worst coronavirus outbreak, implored its residents to get their shots soon as they reported 12 new deaths from the virus, with 10 of them people who were not vaccinated. [Training]


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And though vaccines have reduced overall Covid death rates since the winter peak, rural mortality rates are now more than double that of urban ones — and accelerating quickly. In rural northeastern Texas, Titus Regional Medical Center CEO Terry Scoggin is grappling with a 39 percent vaccination rate in his community. Eleven patients died of Covid in the first half of September at his hospital in Mount Pleasant, population 16,000. Typically, three or four nonhospice patients die there in a whole month. “We don’t see death like that,” Scoggin said. “You usually don’t see your friends and neighbors die.” For full coverage of the coronavirus pandemic Part of the problem is that Covid incidence rates in September were roughly 54 percent higher in rural areas than elsewhere, said Fred Ullrich , a University of Iowa College of Public Health research analyst who co-wrote the institute’s report. He said the analysis compared the rates between nonmetropolitan, or rural , areas and metropolitan, or urban, areas. In 39 states, he added, rural counties had higher rates of Covid than their urban counterparts. “There is a national disconnect between perception and reality when it comes to Covid in rural America,” said Alan Morgan , head of the National Rural Health Association. “We’ve turned many rural communities into kill boxes.

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